Event showcase - displays & hubs

Take a look at what’s on show at the MLA Updates 2023

MLA Services Hub

Visit the MLA Services Hub for:

  • myMLA
  • membership enquiries
  • general MLA enquiries
  • myFeedback (myMSA).

Integrity Systems Hub

Visit the Integrity Systems Hub for:

  • eNVD technology support
  • LPA help and guidance
  • Help with the NLIS

A ‘eNVD & Why Integrity Matters’ Q&A industry panel will also be held followed by a ‘Mastering the eNVD’ workshop.


Visit the MSA Hub for updates on:

  • beef MSA
  • sheep MSA
  • carcase OCM equipment
  • live animal OCM equipment
  • Victorian processors – where there are co-funded projects.

Marketing Hub

Visit the Marketing Hub for:

  • international market messaging and recent program highlights
  • domestic market application of insights to business development
  • the current protein landscape/category playbook

Next Gen Hub

Visit the Next Gen Hub to hear about our:

  • Red Meat Ambassadors
  • Australian Good Meat community engagement
  • Australian Good Meat school education program
  • Future of Rural Tomorrow (FORT)

Value Added Products

Visit the Value Added Products display to hear about our new consumer based products:

  • Chief beef protein bars
  • Care Food Co red meat meals
  • Jims Jerky Jimmies, beef bites for kids
  • Busy Beef’s Weeknight Cook
  • Food Innovation Partner’s Functional Beverages
  • Freeze Dry Proteins and Organic Collagen Australia.

Sustainability Hub

Visit the Sustainability Hub for updates on:

  • the CN30 Roadmap
  • Australian beef and sheep sustainability frameworks
  • the Australian Feedbase Monitor tool
  • environmental credentials for grassfed beef
  • rotational grazing.

Digital Ag Hub

Visit the Digital Ag Hub to see our:

  • SkyKelpie
  • SmartTags
  • Dashboard Tech
  • Optiweigh system
  • automatic sheep counting technology.

Peak Industry Councils

Visit our Peak Industry Councils display to hear from:

  • Sheep Producers Australia
  • Australian Livestock Exporters’ Council (ALEC)
  • Goat Industry Council of Australia (GICA)
  • Cattle Australia


Visit the Livestock/Productivity display to get all the information on:

  • bushfire preparation, management and recovery
  • optimising heifers
  • NIRS – faecal and forage for nutrition and methane
  • weaning best practice
  • the Pasture Paramedic tool
  • new novel legumes
  • pest animals and plants
  • acid soil management
  • pregnancy scanning and managing multiples
  • sheep feedlot animal health
  • the Nexus Sheep Pasture Project
  • T90

Genetics Hub

Visit the Genetics Hub to get the update on:

  • cattle genetics
  • commercial tools for sheep
  • shedding sheep
  • green fed units
  • live animal OM equipment
  • the PAC chamber.