Webinar program

MLA updates - IMPACT series

Webinar series overview  

1. Impact through supply chain innovations

Understanding and responding to market and consumer-driven needs is key to exceeding customer expectations and growing a more profitable red meat industry.  Learn more about the emerging innovations to modernise our supply chains and how leveraging feedback and connecting data could deliver even higher industry benefits now and into the future.


2. Impact through sustainability innovations

Find out how industry partnerships are being used to tackle some of industry’s big complex issues whilst contributing to doubling the value of red meat sales and positioning Australia as a trusted source of protein through its sustainability investments.


3. Impact through strengthened integrity systems

Our integrity systems protect the Australian red meat and livestock industry’s disease-free status and underpin the marketing of Australian product as clean, safe and traceable.  Join this webinar to hear about the strategy that is driving impact across our supply chains to strengthen the integrity systems and create efficiencies through the eNVD – our industry digital consignment system.


4. Marketing impact towards 2030

As sales and media channels become more fragmented, it is increasingly difficult to reach and engage consumers.  Join this webinar to hear how MLA is reshaping its domestic and international marketing programs to stay relevant and drive more impact from marketing investments.


5. Impact of red meat positioning to build community trust

In this webinar, hear of the key activities MLA is undertaking in partnership with industry to share the positive, real story about Australian red meat, and how the industry is tackling myths on topics such as the environment, animal welfare, nutrition and plant-based fake meats.  


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